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Origami (2014) - Trailer from Venkatram Harish Belvadi on Vimeo.

Trailer for the upcoming short film, Origami — a tale of two people who never meet, but gain a lot and lose a lot through nothing more than an unassuming piece of paper.

Written and directed by V.H. Belvadi

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MacBook Air - Overview from Venkatram Harish Belvadi on Vimeo.

Fan-made overview of the 2013 13” MacBook Air. Read more here: wp.me/p257vL-23v

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Yesterday, I found a book on the train on my way home from therapy. It’s John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. It was left on purpose, with a little post-it inside that said “you found me!” and had a twitter thing @talktfios #sharethelove underneath, it said the book was 26/150 which means someone put 150 brand new copies of a book in public places around the UK. I cannot usually afford to buy books and I’m out of practice when it comes to reading, but as I recently chose to get back into reading, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m almost halfway through! (page 130) and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m mostly enjoying how I find the characters irritating at times, like they are not perfect people, they are believable to some extent and my goodness the thing with the unlit cigarette is so annoying but I can totally imagine a 16 year old genuinely believing it was super deep and symbolic and doing it religiously and earnestly because of the meaning it has to them. Oh and some of the dialogue with these kids trying to be terribly profound and sounding so contrived, it’s very real, I cringe but I remember being exactly like that. And the quirky author character in the Netherlands, he reminds me a lot of a very verbose and eccentric tutor I had at college, I received emails from him which were very similar to the correspondence in the book.
I’m not sure if my interpretation of the characters or my reaction to the book is at all what John Green had intended.
I do genuinely care about the characters, despite my annoyance at some of their more deliberate quirks. I care about what will happen and am reading enthusiastically to get to the conclusion of the story.
Then, I will get back to the other book I was reading at the time when I noticed this book, sort of demanding my attention with how bright and blue it was, lying on a seat in front of me.

Anyway, I enjoy that somebody left a book on a train for a stranger to read and I will pass it along in much the same fashion. It certainly helped make my day extra lovely :) books are expensive and I appreciate free books very much.

This kind of thing makes my day!

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Discover new music/January 2014


Moby was a familiar face for techno and electronica fans at the start of his career, which means I knew very little of him until recently myself (in fact, not more than ten years ago!)

But it was Moby’s album, Play, which introduced him to the rest of us and, remarkably, it was his vocals that struck me more than anything else. But The rhythm in The Sky is Broken is a class by itself.

As always, I will speak little and let you discover this famous American 90s musician, (real name, Richard Melville Hall), all by yourself. Take it slow.

Continued from the December 2013 edition.